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In 2022, Nick led our City Council in passing the most ambitious pay and compensation package for public safety in Savannah's history. Along with new recruitment and retention bonuses, starting compensation for new Savannah Police Officers was raised to over $50,000 per year. Nick will continue to support our public safety agencies with new investments and a continued focus on community safety. 


In 2021, Nick led our City Council in passing the ambitious Vision Zero pledge, which aims to eliminate traffic death from all City of Savannah streets by 2027. Since then, he successfully secured $6.5 million in federal grant investments in the City of Savannah's infrastructure to bring this vision of Safe Streets to life. Nick will continue to work and expand new initiatives like Tide to Town, expand traffic calming, and promote engineering solutions for our City's most pressing mobility challenges. 



In 2020, Nick led our City Council in passing the landmark 100% Savannah pledge, placing Savannah on a Nationally recognized trajectory for coastal resilience to strengthen our City, save money, and protect our planet. This effort propelled Savannah to become the largest municipal provider of solar energy in Georgia, saving taxpayers an estimated $2,000,000 in energy savings. You can count on Nick to continue to find smart investments that make our City stronger and more resilient.


In 2023, Nick led Savannah in re-legalizing carriage houses - a historic 'missing middle' housing type to address our City's historic housing shortage. Nick also facilitated the City's largest affordable housing partnership in Savannah's history. Nick is a vocal advocate for housing access and is a proud supporter of policies that generate more affordable housing in our City. 

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