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AUG 13th 2023

This week in Savannah, residents came together to save lives. It’s all part of the City of Savannah’s Vision Zero initiative - which aims to save lives and eliminate traffic death from City streets by 2027.

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JULY 30th, 2023

For the first time in its 290-year history, the City of Savannah has a dedicated stormwater fund. 

The measure passed 6-3, with hours of deliberation in between. By the time my turn for remarks came around - I let it fly and left nothing to chance


JULY 16TH, 2023

A Rabbi, an urban planner, and a Congressman walk into a meeting… No, it’s not the setup for a joke; it’s been my reality for the past week to meet with some of the most prominent leaders in the Savannah community to discuss our housing crisis. It earned the most attention on my calendar for sure, and with good reason...


JULY 2ND, 2023

On October 9th, 1779, a combined international force of over 5,000 troops attempted to free the City of Savannah from their British overlords in the War for American Independence. In the frontal assault to liberate the City, 244 colonial troops would perish, 584 were wounded, and 120 were captured fighting in the name of liberty...


JUNE 18TH, 2023

"This week I took a quick stop at our City’s Municipal Archives for some historical research into our stormwater and resiliency efforts and Hurricane Katrina is fresh on my mind again. I was a Junior studying at the University of South Alabama in Mobile when the system slammed into the Gulf Coast in 2005..."


JUNE 4TH, 2023

"Did you know that the Savannah Civic Center was not the first municipal entertainment venue on the site? In 1916, The City of Savannah completed the Municipal Auditorium designed by famed Savannah architect Henrik Wallin. It was razed in 1971 to make way for the Savannah Civic Center...


MAY 21ST, 2023

"This weekend we officially launched our 2023 campaign for re-election to serve as your 4th District Alderman. I could not have asked for a better launch and want to sincerely thank all of the friends, family, and neighbors who were able to join us..."


AUG 6th, 2023

Abraham Lincoln’s quote of “... if I had five minutes to cut down a tree, I would spend the first three sharpening my axe,” may be apocryphal but it is such a good quote I’m using it anyway. This week, I spent the majority of my time ‘sharpening the axe’ in a way most befitting a member of Savannah City Council and completed a course to become a registered civil mediator in Georgia.

Screenshot 2023-08-06 122119.png

JULY 23rd, 2023

Mother nature gave us quite a wakeup call this week with flash conditions erupting following an afternoon thunderstorm this past Monday, the 17th that overwhelmed Savannah’s infrastructure. As I’ve reported in previous notes...


JULY 9TH, 2023

When I got the news in late 2019 that I’d have the honor to serve, I knew exactly where to start - service delivery. A few years prior, volunteers from the neighborhood scoured the streets for opportunities for improvement including broken sidewalks, overgrown vegetation, and even a leaky water meter or two and utilized the City’s 311 service as a hub for mobilizing City resources...


JUNE 25TH, 2023

"This week, I got a peek into Savannah’s future. The 13th annual Clean Energy Roadshow came into town with new and established alternative fuel vehicles on display at Savannah’s Civic Center. Amongst them, the new Hyundai Ionic 5 - one of the first models that will be built by Savannahians at the Hyundai Metaplant..."


JUNE 11TH, 2023

"Last month, neighbors and I gathered in the Paradise Park Neighborhood to do our inaugural 311 walk - an effort to marshal City resources to solve problems throughout the neighborhood. Along the way, we spotted this incredible mural from Artist Jose Ray out and about on our walk..."


MAY 28TH, 2023

"This week I joined my friends Representative Anne-Allen Westbrook, Commissioner Aaron ‘Adot’ Whitely, and Jody Patterson Chapter Director of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary to celebrate federal funds for coastal resilience funds for Georgia’s Coast..."

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